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How do I set up forwarding from Flynumber to Talkdesk (BYOC)?


Note: This article assumes you have reviewed the instructions to set up SIP forwarding/BYOC.

Once you've purchased numbers on Flynumber and we have sent you the SIP details you will need to configure your numbers on Flynumber.

  • First, log in to your Flynumber account
  • Navigate to your numbers:
  • Click 'Details' for the number
  • Click 'Change forwarding':

  • Edit the 'host' to the details provided
  • 'Enter details' is the phone number
  • Click Update

Please note you will need to do this for each number you wish to forward.

Known limitations:

At present Flynumber only supports 2 channels per number, which means a maximum of two simultaneous inbound calls at a time.

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