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How do I setup forwarding from Flynumber to Talkdesk (BYOC)?


Please note: This article assumes you have reviewed the following information.

Once you've purchased numbers on Flynumber and we have sent you your SIP details you will need to configure your numbers on Flynumber.

  • First, login to your Flynumber account
  • Navigate to your numbers:
  • Click 'Details' for the number
  • Click 'Change forwarding':

  • Edit the 'host' to the details provided (usually this is or
  • 'Enter details' is the phone number
  • Click Update

Please note you will need to do this for each number you wish to forward.

Known limitations:

At present Flynumber only supports 2 channels per number, which means a maximum of two simultaneous inbound calls at a time.

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