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Release Notes | June 6, 2015



  • Transfer functionality has been improved and it is now possible to warm transfer calls to ring groups on the agent dashboard.
  • Users can filter recent calls by ring group and agent. Depending on the permissions, agents can filter their own calls and supervisors can create different views by ring group.
  • The manually generated reports that we send by email can now be filtered (multiple filters are available like agent, ring group, phone number).


  • Automated tasks executions now have a retry mechanism to re-execute failed actions due to concurrency, service unavailable or similar errors. This avoids data to be lost due to temporary unavailability of the services we integrate with.
  • The Talkdesk UI now uses standards formats for all numbers which improves readability.
  • The search of new phone numbers has been improved and we introduced pattern search making it possible to search for letters as well as numbers.
  • Agents will now have their selected prefix on the Dashboard applied when click to calling via the Chrome Extension.


  • The chrome inactivity timeout dialog would pop up too often and require multiple yes/no answers when an agent was inactive for some time.
  • When the Custom Max Queue Size was defined for a particular phone number this setting was not being considered and Talkdesk would use the value defined on the Account Preferences instead.
  • Notifications displayed when there were updates for recent calls or voicemails were wrongly displayed to users with limited permissions causing voicemail counters to be wrong in some cases.
  • Voicemails arriving on dedicated lines were not properly assigned to the corresponding agent. This was common for accounts with transcriptions enabled.
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