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Microsoft Dynamics Integration Activation


Setting up this integration is simple. No programming is required; just enter your Microsoft Dynamics account information and the integration process is complete. Talkdesk supports online edition only, 2011 version and above.

Follow these steps to activate the integration:

  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click on the 'Admin' section at the top of the page [1]. 
  • Select the 'Integrations' tab [2] and click on the Microsoft Dynamics 'Connect' button [3].



 Then, fill out the form with your Microsoft Dynamics credentials:

  • In 'Organization' [4], enter the same organization name configured in your Microsoft Dynamics account.
  • Enter your Microsoft Dynamics 'Username' [5].
  • Enter your Microsoft Dynamics 'Password' [6].
  • Type in your Microsoft Dynamics 'Region' [7]: NA (North America, Default), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), APAC (Asia and Pacific), or OCE (Oceania)
  • Select the appropriate boxes to customize the configuration in order to synchronize contacts, agents and interactions [8]. 



Once you complete these steps, click 'Save' [9]. And that's it!

The Talkdesk and Microsoft Dynamics integration is now complete and you can start adding your automations.

If you have any questions about this integration, or if you would like assistance configuring it, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our call center software product experts at

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    Kiran Madhav
    Hi there, Does this support both online and on-premise deployment of MSD CRM. I doubt that because for on-premise deployment system requires server url to integrate. Please let me know. Thanks, Kiran.
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    Sara Costa

    Hi @kiran! We integrate with Dynamics using the SOAP API, which is supported for versions 2011/2013 and 2015 hosted (cloud) only. On-premises is not supported at this time. In the future, for a more prompt assistance, please contact our support team at:

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