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Release Notes | March 31, 2015



  • When our primary telecom provider experiences issues, Talkdesk now automatically switches all accounts temporarily to our backup telecom provider. This helps to significantly improve call quality and has no impact on Talkdesk functionality.
  • When filters are applied to an Automated Task, Talkdesk only provides relevant filter values from the dropdown menu. This helps to avoid configuration errors.
  • The Outbound Caller ID selection algorithm now selects a phone number within the same state if there is no area code match.
  • The Talkdesk Google Chrome Extension will now search for phone numbers on any website, even if the website is not formatted optimally.
  • Talkdesk now integrates with RelateIQ, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Apps, FreshService, Intercom and Groove. Check out our resources page to find out more.



  • We made several improvements to the Talkdesk infrastructure and interface that helped to increase the speed and accuracy of common functions.
  • You can now apply filters to events within an Automated Task. For example, you can create a ticket in your helpdesk when a triggering event occurs only during business hours.
  • It is now possible to cancel warm transfers using the Talkdesk Widget’s keypad.
  • When you create an Automated Task, the name of the Automated Task now updates according to the trigger and action selected.
  • The If-No-Answer Phone Number feature can now be activated for the time period of your choice.



  • We updated our Average Speed to Answer metric to only include the time the agent takes to answer a call after their phone begins to ring.
  • Service Level is now calculated using only the time the caller spent waiting in a call queue and the time it takes for the agent to answer their call after their phone begins to ring.
  • We previously experienced issues with routing calls to certain agents and as such the distribution of calls to agents within certain teams was not optimal. This issue has been resolved.
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