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Porting US/Canadian Numbers to Talkdesk


To port US/Canadian numbers to Talkdesk, please send us an email to with the subject "Number Port Request", and do the following: 

  1. Download, sign and attach this Letter of Authorization (LOA) to the email. It needs to be signed by the person who has administrative rights over the account with the current carrier. 
  1. Send us a recent receipt or bill of the phone number from your current provider, clearly showing the number and thus proving that it’s yours. This can also be a screenshot of your account showing that they billed you for the number. You can also request a CSR (Customer Service Record) from your current provider since that document usually contains all the information you need to know regarding your number(s).


Ensuring that the request is not rejected

Please note that if the documents are not compliant with the following guidelines, the porting request may be rejected, causing significant delays.

Although we are strongly committed to providing you with a smooth porting process, Talkdesk cannot be deemed responsible for any incorrect submissions and delays resulting from failure to comply with the guidelines.

  • Submit the document in PDF format.
  • Submit it in the correct orientation (for instance, if the pages are upside down, the document will not be accepted).
  • All data must match exactly and be consistent with the record in the existing carrier.
  • The name and address on both the LOA and the proof of ownership must match.
  • The first/last name on the LOA (Letter of Authorization) must match the signature.
  • The telephone numbers you wish to port must be clearly indicated.
  • If asked for a RespOrg by the losing provider, ours is: TWI01.
  • The LOA and the proof of ownership documents must not be older than 30 days.

If your port request is rejected, check what could be the reason from the list of most common reasons.


How long does it take to port?

For a detailed explanation, please check our article "How long does it take to port my existing phone numbers?".

Important: Always contact your carrier and let them know that you plan to port your number. Sometimes when a carrier is not informed, they may cancel your number before the port is completed and this can cause a short outage. You must ensure service is maintained with the existing carrier until the port is completed.

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