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Agent to Agent calls (Legacy)


Note: With Talkdesk Agent Workspace generally available, we announced — on February 21, 2022 —  the End of Life to our legacy Agent products — Main Dialer, Talkdesk Callbar, and associated Agent tabs in Main — which includes the feature(s) described below in this article. You may continue to use the legacy agent products until the EoL date. However, upon the End of Support date, Talkdesk will no longer provide fixes or enhancements to the products, so you should upgrade to Talkdesk Agent Workspace. 

Access the full Announcement here.

Access Talkdesk Agent Workspace documentation here.



If you have access to the Web Mode (Keypad), and wish to initiate a call to another agent, please follow these steps.


  • Please note that in order to use this feature, both agents must have an active Talkdesk account. Additionally, agents will not show up on the list when their status is set to away, offline or busy.
  • To call other agents using Callbar, please follow the steps here instead.


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account.
  • Go to the Keypad on the right-hand side to access the call control functions. If the keypad is hidden, simply click on Show Keypad.
  • Click on the blue Call an agent icon [1].


  • Type the name of the agent you would like to call [2].
  • Select the desired agent [3] and the call to that agent will be initiated.


Note: Currently, it’s not possible to select the phone number that is used in an agent to agent call. If there are numbers with conflicting business hours, for example, the call may not be placed. This way, we recommend the following: if this option is visible in the account's Device Settings, select Multiple Device Mode, then choose During business hours or when status is set to available, in Receive Calls in the Browser(e.g., instead of When status is set to available but only during business hours). When this setting is enabled, agents should log out from Talkdesk when they no longer need it (e.g. at the end of the working day). Otherwise, they may still receive calls from another agent, outside business hours, if the status is Available. If the agents are not using a SIP Phone or External Phone, make sure also that Never is selected in Receive Calls on External Phone and Receive Calls on SIP Phone. These settings are applicable whether the calls are being handled in the browser or Callbar.


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