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Configuring Voicemail Transcriptions


Talkdesk allows admins to enable voicemail transcriptions on their accounts with only a few clicks. When this feature is enabled, Talkdesk will compile the voicemail transcripts into the contact’s activity feed, along with the voicemail data.

Getting transcripts of voicemails can save you time, since you can screen them more quickly.

Once enabled, you can view the transcripts next to the recording in the Voicemails section, or on the contact's activity tab in the Contacts section: Voicemail_Transcriptions_1.png

You can also send email notifications to the recipients of your choice when a voicemail transcript is received. To do this, configure Email Notifier. Or you can configure an automated task filter to only send an email with a voicemail transcript when the voicemail was received outside of business hours.

To activate voicemail transcriptions for all phone numbers in your Talkdesk account:Voicemail_Transcriptions_2.png

  1. Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  2. Select Admin [1].
  3. Click Preferences [2].
  4. Scroll down to the “Voicemail Settings” [3].
  5. Next to “Transcriptions" [4] choose "Yes".
  6. Hit Save [5].

Note: The costs of Voicemail Transcriptions are available in the Billing tab. For more information, please read the article Call and Phone Number Pricing. The default Maximum Length is set to 2 minutes and can be adjusted to 1 minute. Additionally, only American English is supported. A voicemail might not be transcribed if our system detects that the voicemail isn't in English or if there is background noise.

To define different transcription settings per phone number, follow these instructions:Voicemail_Transcriptions_3.png

  1. Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  2. Select Admin [1].
  3. Click Numbers [2].
  4. Pick the phone number for which you would like to configure the transcription settings.
  5. Go to the Voicemails [3] tab.
  6. Hit Yes [4] to “Override Account Settings”.
  7. Choose Yes or No next to "Transcriptions" [5] to configure this setting according to your business needs.
  8. Click Save [6] to apply these settings.


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