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Release Notes | November 18, 2014



  • You can now filter automated task execution by specific criteria (i.e., time, number dialed, caller’s phone number, call duration, tags, contact name, contact email, etc.). For example, you can configure Talkdesk to only send an email with voicemail transcription when the voicemail was received outside of business hours by filtering this automated task execution by time.
  • It is now possible to compile a blacklist of phone numbers so that bots, spam callers or any other number on your blacklist will not be able to contact you.
  • You can now allow agents to manually pause and resume call recordings directly from the Talkdesk interface.
  • You can now configure Talkdesk to upload contacts into integrated business tools that do not support CSV import functionality.



  • Agents can now indicate that the call dropped when rating their call. This will allow the Talkdesk tech team to better troubleshoot problematic calls.
  • There are now letters in addition to numbers on the Talkdesk dialpad so agents can more easily dial numbers associated with certain letters (i.e., easily dial 1-800-COMCAST).
  • Agents can now reset their widget directly from the dialpad. This allows agents to keep the popup hidden as they no longer have to access it for any functionality.
  • When placing a call using the Talkdesk widget, agents can now cancel the call at any time, even before it rings their cell phone or landline.
  • The Talkdesk Zendesk Integration now supports custom fields. You will now see your existing custom fields and customized values from your Zendesk account in all Talkdesk automated and manual tasks (i.e., create a ticket).
  • Agent extensions are now functional outside of business hours. Previously an agent could only be reached via their extension during business hours.



  • There were reported instances where agents labeled a voicemail "closed" and later the voicemail was labeled "open" without human intervention. This issue has been resolved.
  • Freshdesk updated their API which caused Talkdesk executions to fail for teams using the Talkdesk Freshdesk Integration. This issue has been resolved.


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