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Compiling a Blacklist of Phone Numbers



You can compile a blacklist of phone numbers so that bots, spam callers or any other unsolicited number on your blacklist is blocked when it tries to call your company.

To compile your blacklist of phone numbers to be blocked, follow the instructions below:


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Select the 'Admin' section [1].
  • Click the 'Preferences' tab [2].
  • Go to the 'General Settings' section [3]
  • In 'Blacklist', click on the 'here' link [4].


  • Click on 'Add phone number' and enter the phone number that you would like to block [5].
  • Click on 'Add phone number' again and enter the next phone number that you would like to block [6].
  • You can also remove a phone number from your blacklist by clicking the "x" next to the phone number [7].
  • When you have finished compiling your list click 'Save' [8].
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