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Agent Settings: Dedicated Lines and Extensions (Voicemail, Timezone and Business Hours)


Note: Effective June 21, 2021, Talkdesk Classic Inbound Routing will no longer be available to sell to new customers. New customer accounts will only be able to configure inbound routing behavior through Studio.


All agents with a dedicated phone number or extension can define their own settings for their phone number or extension.

Specifically, they can configure their voicemail greeting, timezone and business hours so that these are unique from other settings in their company’s Talkdesk account.

To configure your agent settings, follow these steps: 


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account. 
  • Click on your initials in the top-right corner [1]. 
  • Select Agent Profile [2] from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click on the Numbers tab [3]. 
  • Click on the Greetings tab [4]. 
  • Click the Add New Message [5] link next to “Voicemail / Not Answered Message”. 
  • Create a Message Name [6]. This will be the label applied to your “Voicemail / Not Answered Message” in Talkdesk. Callers will not hear this message name. 
  • Select the message type: 
    • If you want a message to be converted to audio and played to your callers, select Text to Speech [7] and create a Message. 
    • Alternatively, if you would like to play a pre-recorded message, select Upload File [8] and click Choose File. Talkdesk currently supports mp3 and wav file types. If you have a file saved in another format, you can convert it to a format we support by using a tool such as this one.
  • Click Save [9]. 
  • Click Custom Settings [10] to define your timezone and configure your business hours. 
  • Once you have finished configuring your settings, click Save [11]. 

Note: Please note that call routing behavior on dedicated lines differs from normal call routing. Learn more about call routing on dedicated lines.


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