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Forwarding Calls to an External Phone Number When Agents are "Offline" or "Away"


If you configure this setting, Talkdesk will forward calls to an external phone number when agents are "Offline" or "Away". This will allow agents or managers to field calls from their cell phones, home phones or IP phones when they are not logged into Talkdesk (i.e., their agent status is "Offline") or when they are away from their desk (i.e., their agent status is "Away", "Break", "Lunch", "Meeting", or any other agent status with the color orange). 

If agents are using the browser, they can handle incoming calls in the browser or on the phone. If agents are not signed in, incoming calls will only ring their external phones.

You can forward calls to an external phone number:

  • Only during business hours when all agents are "Offline" or "Away".
  • Anytime all agents are "Offline" or "Away" (both during and after business hours).
  • Only during business hours when a specific agent is "Offline" or "Away".
  • Anytime a specific agent is "Offline" or "Away" (both during and after business hours).

To configure this setting for your team as a whole:

(i.e., forward calls to an external phone number when all agents are "Offline" or "Away")

  • Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click on the "Admin" section [1].
  • Select the "Preferences" tab and scroll down to the "Routing Settings" section [2].


  • Configure "Receive Calls on External Phone" [3] by selecting one of the following options from the dropdown menu [4]:
    • When status is set to 'Offline' or 'Away'
    • When status is set to 'Offline' or "Away" but only during business hours 

These settings can also be configured differently per agent. To learn how to do this, visit our 'Enabling Specific Routing Settings per Agent' article.


Note: Remember to enable forwarding to agent's phone by inserting a phone number on the agent's profile:

  • Select the “Agents” tab [5].
  • Click on the agent name for whom you would like to configure an external phone number.
  • Type in the phone number [6] and Save your changes.

If allowed by the administrator, agents can also configure their own routing settings to forward calls to an external phone number.

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  • Avatar
    Felix Frenzel

    Hey. So...then let me set always, which phone number routes to which then? I must be able to add the target phone number at some place, right?

  • Avatar
    Sara Costa

    Hi Felix! You can add the target phone by accessing the agent's profile on the Agents tab, as per above instructions, or ask the agents to follow the instructions here: You can also learn more about the routing settings here: In the future, for a more prompt response, you can contact our fantastic support team:

  • Avatar
    MJ Craig

    Hi There- our agents are able to receive calls forwarded externally but the called ID displayed is simply their dedicated line in TalkDesk. Is there anyway to forward the caller number to display as their caller ID for increased visibility?

    Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Sara Costa

    Hi MJ! We can configure this feature for you in the backend. To enable it, please send an email to letting the team know that you would like the "Customizable Inbound Caller ID" feature to be activated for your account or number. However, we suggest you read this article first to understand what this change entails:

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