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Release Notes | December 22, 2014



  • If the Queue Callback feature is enabled it is now possible to customize the message callers hear after they request a callback from the queue.
  • Agents now have the ability to call other agents or their manager from the Talkdesk interface. This feature is available for the Talkdesk Web Application and the Talkdesk Widget.
  • Administrators can now allow agents to have a dedicated phone number (i.e., the phone number is assigned to that specific agent only).
  • Agents with dedicated phone numbers and/or extensions can now define their own settings (i.e., voicemail greeting, timezone and business hours).
  • Administrators can now define and edit team roles (i.e., agent, support manager, supervisor, administrator, etc.), specify unique Talkdesk settings for each team role and assign agents to specific team roles within Talkdesk.
  • Administrators can now disable voicemail when it is outside of business hours. When this setting is activated, calls that arrive outside of business hours will be disconnected after callers hear a message asking them to call back during normal business hours.
  • Agents and administrators can now apply filters to "Inbound Call Metrics", "Service Level" and "Outbound Call Metrics" metrics in the "Reporting" tab of Talkdesk. These filters allow agents and administrators to filter metrics by tag or phone number.
  • Talkdesk now integrates with Contactually. Download the Talkdesk Contactually Integration Guide to find out more.



  • The If-No-Answer phone number used to only work during business hours. Now it is possible to receive calls on this backup phone number outside of business hours.
  • An agent’s status will no longer change to "Offline" when visiting the "Reporting" tab of Talkdesk. This allows agents to make and receive calls when visiting the call monitoring section of Talkdesk.
  • Automated tasks now have information about the time and duration of calls and voicemails. Specifically, they now include wait time, hold time, call duration and voicemail duration.



  • Call disposition codes used to pop up in the agent’s browser when the caller hung up while the agent was completing a warm transfer. This issue has been resolved.
  • The hold button used to not work properly when it was clicked multiple times. This issue has been resolved.


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