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Release Notes | October 22, 2014



  • You can now configure different business hours for each day of the week, including weekends.
  • Agents are now able to assign voicemails to other agents by default.
  • The Zoho Integration now has "Lead Source" and "Lead Status" fields. Additionally, Talkdesk will "Log a Call" even if the contact does not exist in Zoho.
  • The OnePageCRM Integration was updated in accordance with their API 3.0 and is now easier to use. Download the updated OnePageCRM Integration guide to find out more.


  • You can now configure Talkdesk to forward calls to an external phone number when an agent status is "Offline" or "Away".
  • You can now configure Talkdesk to automatically close the disposition code window after a predetermined amount of time. Once the disposition code window closes, the agent’s status will change from "After Call Work" to "Available" and calls will be routed to them.
  • The settings "Number of Agents to Ring" and "Forced Queuing Enabled" can now be configured for each phone number.
  • Talkdesk now integrates with UserVoice. Download the UserVoice Integration guide to find out more.
  • Talkdesk now integrates with UserLike. Download the UserLike Integration guide to find out more.


  • Uploading audio greetings with the correct file extension but wrong file type used to disrupt call flow. This issue has been resolved as we now validate audio file types when uploading greetings.
  • Some customers reported that duplicate contacts were created in Talkdesk. This issue has been resolved.



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