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Can I port my number from Twilio to Talkdesk?


The process to transfer an existing phone number from Twilio to Talkdesk requires information from the owner of the number and from the destination account.

Twillio specifies some additional guidelines for the operation here

You will need to start the process by sending a message to Twilio stating that you want your numbers to be ported over to your Talkdesk sub-account. You can email us a if you wish to know the sub-account ID. 

You will also need to specify your existing account SID (you can find it in your Twilio account's Dashboard) and the numbers to be ported.

Please, don't forget to CC our support email so that we can confirm the operation on our side.

These transfers can take up to 2 days to complete and it can be scheduled according to the customer's needs.

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