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What is the difference between a missed call and an abandoned call?


Missed calls are calls that:

  • Rang at least one agent and were not answered or have been rejected. Please note: If the call goes to the queue and is answered by another agent it will not count as a missed call.
  • If calls are routed to voicemail directly (for example, outside of business hours) calls that hang up during the voicemail greeting, but prior to the voicemail prompt, or beep, will be considered missed.
  • Callers that hang up during the "Available Agents Greeting". 
  • As a rule of thumb, once a customer has connected with at least one agent, the call can no longer be considered Missed.

Abandoned calls are calls that:

  • Did not reach the agents because the customer disconnected while in the waiting queue or in the IVR. You can find more about abandoned calls here.
  • During business hours, in the majority of cases, calls that are hung up in the waiting queue are considered abandoned calls.
  • If a caller is routed to voicemail from the waiting queue without being presented to an agent (via voicemail IVR option), and the hang up occurs before the caller leaves a voicemail, the call will again be considered Abandoned. 
  • Outside of business hours, when After Hours IVR is enabled, any calls that hang up within the Welcome Greeting or the IVR will also be considered abandoned calls.
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    Deb Chang

    hey benjamin - got a few questions for you, based on what you wrote:

    1. Rang at least one agent and were not answered or have been rejected - we reject calls all the time if we aren't ready to take it just yet. does that count as a missed call if the call was rejected from agent 1 but connected with agent 2 (once the call was rerouted to another available agent)?

    2. Missed calls also include calls that make it to the call center but were not picked before the first ring (for example because no agents were available). - why would there be a first ring if there were no agents available? i thought calls waited in queue until there was an available agent to ring...

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    Gonçalo Tavanez

    Hi Deb,

    Please check this article, it adresses both of your questions.

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    Deibys Paredes

    Hi Guys!!..

    I'm newbie in this world, and I'm trying to catch the missed calls or abandoned calls. My question is, It is possible to know the original number on the CSQ?

    I apologize for my English.


  • Avatar
    Sara Costa

    Hi Deibys,

    You can access this information by exporting a detailed call report. In the future, for a more prompt response, you can also contact our fantastic support team:

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