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How do I disable inbound calling so that only outbound calling is available?


If you want to disable inbound calling for your account, please follow the steps:


Disable answering calls for your agents

In order to disable inbound calling: 

  • Log into Talkdesk as an Administrator
  • Click the 'Admin' section in the top bar navigation
  • Click the 'Preferences' tab 
  • Scroll down to the 'Routings Settings' section 
  • Select 'Receive Calls in the Browser' to Never 
  • Select 'Receive Calls on External Phone' to Never

Calls will no longer be routed to your agents, but end users may still leave a voicemail. Click here to learn how to disable voicemail.


Disable voicemail for the phone number or the account

Navigate to your voicemails tab and click the settings icon: disabling voicemail here will disable voicemails for all numbers.

(To disable voicemail on a per number basis, navigate to Admin - Numbers - click on the desired number and navigate to voicemail tab.)


Upload a Voicemail greeting to notify users: "Number not in service"

Modify your voicemail message (as it plays even if the voicemail is not enabled and you are not answering calls) to inform your customers that you are not taking inbound calls on that number. The following message is an example: "This number is not in service."

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