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SIP - Configuration and Use


Talkdesk provides everything you need in your browser, but we recognize that you might also need to use SIP devices at times. While this is possible, we can only provide best efforts support at this time and are not responsible for configuring your specific SIP devices (since there are so many permutations).

Likewise, we will be happy to provide all required information to your network team, but cannot configure nor give details regarding your specific network. If you need a more detailed SIP setup, please let us know and we can advise what's possible.

SIP will need to be activated for your account by e-mailing us. Once we’ve activated the SIP functionality for your account, each agent will need to login to their SIP phone individually. Should you need to configure a firewall, networking details can be found here, but bear in mind these are subject to change.

However, we are more than happy to help, and can ensure everything is OK from the server side and will do our best to troubleshoot with you. 


Configure when you want to receive calls on a SIP Phone

Under Admin > Preferences you can setup how you want all your agents to receive calls on their SIP phones under “Routing Settings”.

Note: this will be used for all agents in your account (also, please note some limitations apply while using SIP devices).



Each agent can then override the above settings. This is useful if, for example, you only want a few people to use SIP Phones. To do this, SIP needs to be disabled within the Account Preferences, and Agents that will use SIP will need to override this setting (or an admin will need to change this for each required agent under the agent's tab):




Obtaining Agent’s SIP Credentials for use with SIP Phone

Each agent has their own set of SIP credentials. Agents can access this information by clicking their names on the top right corner and selecting “Settings” from the dropdown menu:


They should then click the 'Request SIP Credentials' button to receive an email with a link to their SIP credentials:


Note: This link as an expiration period of 10 minutes or one visit.


In case they don't have these permissions, these will need to be provided by an account Admin by accessing the Agents tab, selecting each agent's name and then clicking the 'Request SIP Credentials' button:


An email will be sent to the Admin with a link providing access to the agent's SIP credentials.

Keep this information open to configure the SIP software:


In some SIP phone configurations you might be asked for the Auth ID or the User ID, which in the above image is the username that comes before the @ character.

The SIP Domain is also required, in which case it should be specified as “” (the text that comes after the @ character): General SIP Phone Settings.


While we can’t provide a guide to all SIP Phones, there are a set of settings that are normally available across all phones, which is recommended to configure in order to ensure great call quality.

RTP Packet Size 0.020
SIP Transport TCP (If TCP doesn't work you can try UDP)
Extension Settings  
Preferred Codec G711u (ensure this is top the of list)
Second Preferred Codec Unspecified
Third Preferred Codec Unspecified
Use Remote Pref Codec Yes
Set all codecs no
User ID <username>
Auth ID <username>
Use Auth ID yes
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