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When I receive incoming calls on my cell, it appears as if my Talkdesk number is calling me. How do we set it so the caller ID is displayed?


When agents receive a call on their mobile phones, Talkdesk will display the account's phone number as the inbound caller ID.

If we were to show the customer's caller ID in a large contact center with multiple agents, even when a call was answered by an agent, the others would see a missed call from the customer. So the natural thing to do would be to callback the customer (although the customer had already spoken with another agent).

By showing the Talkdesk number, the agent knows it was Talkdesk trying to reach him and not the customer directly. An advantage to using this default setting is that your agents can know which phone number the caller dialed (i.e. “Sales”, “Support”, “I.T.” etc.) and thus deduce the reason for their call before answering it.

We can configure this feature for you in the backend. To enable it, simply send us an email to letting us know that you would like the "Customizable Inbound Caller ID" feature to be activated for your account or number.

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