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Call Conferencing




Call conferencing allows you to add guests to a call. A guest can be another agent, a customer/prospect/lead or a manager:

To add one or more guests for a conference call:

  • Click the “Add Guest” button [1] while on the line with your first caller. Your keypad will then look like this:

  • Add a new agent or manager to the call by simply clicking the name or the “+” sign next to the name [2]:

- Agents who are logged in and available to receive calls will have a green dot next to their names: 

- Agents who are in any Away status will display an orange icon next to their names:  They may or may not be free to accept the call.

- Agents who are offline will have a gray dot next to their names: 

  • You can also add a person who is not a Talkdesk agent or manager by typing in their phone number under 'External number' [3].
  • If you're aware that this agent or number has an IVR in place and wish to bypass it, make sure to tick the box next to 'with IVR' [6].
  • Click the “Add External User” [7] (the new agent's or external phone will immediately start ringing).

Once accepted, the new agent or customer is automatically added to your call conference, and you can start your multi-way conversation.

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