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Call Conferencing



Call conferencing allows you to add guests to a call. A guest can be another agent, a manager or a customer/prospect/lead:


Call Conferencing in Callbar

To add one or more guests and create a conference call in Callbar, please follow the steps in the article Using Callbar.


Call Conferencing in the Keypad

To add one or more guests and create a conference call in the Keypad, please follow these steps:

  • Click the 'Add Guest' button [1] while on the line with your first caller:



  • Your keypad will then look like this:


  • Add a new agent or manager to the call by simply clicking the name or the “+” sign next to the name [2]:

- Agents who are logged in and available to receive calls will have a green dot next to their names: 

- Agents who are in any Away status will display an orange icon next to their names:  They may or may not be free to accept the call.

  • You can also add a person who is not a Talkdesk agent or manager by typing in their phone number under 'External number' [3].
  • Keep 'with IVR' selected as this will bypass the IVR of the external number, if it exists [5].
  • When you're ready, click 'Add External User' [6] (the new agent's or external phone will immediately start ringing).

Once accepted, the new agent or customer is automatically added to your conference call, and you can start your multi-way conversation.

If you end the call, all other participants will be disconnected. This is because the creator of the conference call is the one who owns the connection between the different parties.

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