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Call Metrics



Your "Calls" tab is the place where you can request and see all your calls statistical data. 

To analyze your call metrics:

  • Start by signing in as an Administrator
  • Select the "Reporting" section [1].
  • Click the "Calls" tab [2].
  • Choose the desired time period for your report by clicking the calendar icon in the top-right corner [3].



If you click on the arrows at the bottom of the page, you can navigate through the details of all calls that have been made or received in your Talkdesk account for your required time interval, including:

[4] Types of calls:


Inbound calls

Missed calls

Outbound calls 

Abandoned calls

Short abandoned calls

[5] Timestamp: The time that the system logged the calls.

[6] Talkdesk Phone: the outbound ID number that Talkdesk used to make the call/receive the call.

[7] Customer Phone: the phone number of the contact.

[8] Agent: the agent that took or made the call.

[9] Duration: the total time that the call took.

[10] Disposition: the summary of the call.

[11] Record: you can press play to hear the call recording.

It's possible to filter the results by ring group [12].

You can also Export this report to a CSV file for a more detailed analysis according to your needs. To do this, simply click the "Send CSV by email" button [13].



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