Voicemails (Legacy)

IMPORTANT: On February 21, 2022, we announced the End of Life of the Main Dialer (sometimes also referred to as “Keypad”) and associated Agent tabs in Main.

The Voicemails app is replacing the legacy Voicemails tab in Main. You may continue to use the legacy tab until the EoL date. However, upon the End of Support date, Talkdesk will no longer provide fixes or enhancements to the products, so you should upgrade to Talkdesk Agent Workspace. 

Conversations is replacing the Main Dialer. The Main Dialer features previously described in this article are now available in Conversations.

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Access Talkdesk Agent Workspace documentation here.


The Voicemails section is where you can see and access the list of all recent voicemails that your company or team has received, in chronological order.

Note: If you're accessing Voicemails in Agent Workspace, please refer to this article instead.

  • Open voicemails: The red counter indicates the total number of open voicemails.
  • Assigned to me: The blue counter is the number of voicemails that are open and assigned to you.
  • Contact: This column shows you the name of the contact who left the voicemail (or their phone number in case it's a new contact). By clicking the contact's name or phone number, you can access more detailed information, including full profile, previous calls, voicemails and past interactions with your company.
  • When: This column tells you how long ago the voicemail was received. Hovering over it with your mouse will display the exact date and time.
  • Assigned To: This column shows the name of the person to whom the voicemail is currently assigned. Voicemails can be reassigned to another person by any agent with the appropriate permissions.
  • Length: This column indicates the duration of the voicemail.
  • Play button: If you have permission, you can listen to the voicemail recording by pressing the “Play” button. A modal will then be displayed allowing you to listen to or download the recording.
  • Phone icon: If you click on the icon, it immediately initiates a call to that contact.
  • Resolve: Clicking it closes the voicemail and marks it as action. Resolved voicemails can be reopened at any time.
  • Show-More button: Provides you with more information about the voicemail, including ring groups and the Talkdesk number dialed by this contact. In case the Voicemail Transcriptions service is enabled for your account, you can also access and read a speech-to-text transcription of the voicemail recording here.
  • Open/Resolved: These status buttons allow you to quickly list open or resolved voicemails only.
  • Assigned To: Allows you to filter voicemails by who they are assigned to.
  • When: Allows you to filter your voicemails by time period: in the last 6 hours, last 24 hours, last week or last month.
  • Ring Group: You can filter voicemails by ring group. Select one, multiple or all ring groups.
  • Inbound Number: Allows you to list voicemails received on all your numbers or only on a specific number.
  • Clear filters: Clicking this link will clear all filters and display all voicemails again.
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