Hangup causes

When a call ends in Talkdesk it can be classified according to its hangup cause: the reason why the call was finished.

The following are the possible values for this field:

  • IVR: caller hung up while in the IVR.
  • Waiting: caller hung up while in the waiting queue.
  • Hold: caller hung up during hold.
  • Transfer: caller hung up while being transferred.
  • Disconnected:  all other hangup causes.
    • Abandoned Disconnected:
      • Example 1 - On a classic routing scenario (legacy), when the call is abandoned while on the initial greeting (and there is no IVR configured and only a greeting is associated with the number), the hangup cause is set as “disconnected”. In Studio,  a call is considered “abandoned disconnected” when the call is abandoned before the IVR.
      • Example 2 - There are other exceptions where a call can be classified as “abandoned disconnected”, for example: unsuccessful Intelligent reconnect (see the article Intelligent Reconnect); a call is abandoned while on the voicemail prompt.


Note: The following hangup causes were deprecated on March 19th, 2018: Offered; Handled. They are now classified as Disconnected.

As a replacement, we added to the Agents Scheduled Report two agent performance metrics which offer more granularity:

  • Dial Attempts
  • Agent Pickup Rate

Learn how to interpret the metrics Dial Attempts and Agent Pickup Rate.

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