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Hangup causes


When a call ends in Talkdesk it can be classified according to its hang up cause: the reason why the call was finished.

The following are the possible values for this field:

  • IVR: caller hung up while in the IVR.
  • Waiting: caller hung up while in the waiting queue.
  • Hold: caller hung up during hold.
  • Transfer: caller hung up while being transferred.
  • Disconnected: all other hangup causes.


Note: On March 19 we have deprecated the following hangup causes: Offered; Handled which are now classified as Disconnected

In case you have been using these hangup fields to track your agents’ performance, you can now use our new and more granular agent performance metrics instead, available in the Agents Scheduled Report:

  • Dial Attempts
  • Agent Pickup Rate

More information about these two new metrics can be found here.

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