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Bria SIP Device Instructions


Make sure SIP has been enabled for your account and agents have their SIP credentials before following these instructions. To learn more, please read the article Can I use SIP devices with Talkdesk?

1. Configuring SIP software for Agents

As soon as each agent has their SIP credentials, open Bria and go to Accounts under Preferences, press the + button and select the New SIP Account  type. The configuration for the Account can be:
  • Account name can be anything you like. 
  • Make sure only the "Call" under the Use for setting is ticked

Under the "General" tab you should use:

  • The User ID is the first part of the Endpoint (before the @ sign)
  • The Domain is ""
  • The Password should be the password found in the Agent Settings.
  • Make sure Register with domain and receive calls is checked

Under "Voicemail":

  • You should remove the tick for the Check for voicemail option

All other tabs can be left as-is. Just press OK to conclude the SIP account configuration.

2. Receiving calls

Once the SIP software has been configured with the Agent's SIP endpoint they can now receive calls.

To do so, the Agent needs to have the SIP software opened and be logged in to their Talkdesk Account with their status set to "Available."

When an incoming call comes through, Talkdesk will notify the Agent that they have to answer the call on their SIP phone, and their SIP hardware or software phone should start ringing at the same time.

Once the call has been answered on the SIP phone, agents will see the call information in the Talkdesk sidebar. They can additionally put the call on hold or even transfer it to another agent. Ending the call also need to be done directly in the SIP phone.

3. Making outbound calls

Outbound calls using SIP need to be initiated directly from your SIP phone.

It is not yet possible to make outbound calls from a SIP phone directly from Talkdesk. This means agents can’t initiate the call in the browser and have the SIP device make that call since the call button that appears in the contact list will not work.

All outbound calls need to be dialed from the SIP device.

Once connected agents can then control the call from the Talkdesk Keypad in the browser to mute, put it on hold, transfer, or add a guest.

Calls must also be disconnected on the SIP device.

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