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I went over my API request limit from Salesforce to Talkdesk. What do I do?


There are three main automations driving the number of API calls Talkdesk has to make:

  1. Contact retrieval: Approx. 1 call for every 2000 imported contacts (that's the maximum Salesforce will give for each page) and then at least 2 calls every 30 minutes (to check if there are updated contacts).
  2. Action execution: Every time an action to create/update something is triggered from Talkdesk (both from automated tasks or manually by an agent) it will count 1 API call.
  3. Every time an agent opens a contact profile we will make 1 API call to Salesforce to check if there are updated activities for that contact. We cache these responses for 5 minutes to avoid making API calls when an agent opens the same contact in a short period of time.


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