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Release Notes | July 14, 2014



  • Outbound Caller ID selection now considers a Contact’s area code when Account has a phone number with matching area code (US numbers only)
  • You can now request that a Call Report be sent via email instead of being downloaded, reducing wait time.
  • You are now able to see which tags are associated to each individual recording in the Voicemails tab
  • Any Custom Fields defined in your Talkdesk Account can be used when setting up an Automated Task for an Integration


  • Fix error message displayed when configuring Zendesk with wrong email
  • Correct display issue for tags that started with a number
  • Fix issue when there are extra spaces in Contact’s email field which didn’t allow it to be saved
  • Fix Freshdesk synchronization where ticket status wasn’t being converted correctly
  • Fix whitespace issue when entering integration information was inserted and caused an error
  • Speed up the Live Calls listing in the Reporting section
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