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Enabling Extensions on Agents and Phone Numbers



Enabling extensions is a two-step process. First, you must enable the extension on the agent side, then you must enable extensions on the appropriate phone number.


To enable an extension for an agent:

  • Log into your account as an 'Administrator'.
  • Select the 'Admin' section [1] in the top navigation.
  • Click the 'Agents' tab [2].
  • Click the agent's name [3] to whom you wish to assign an extension number.
  • In the 'Internal Extension' text box, type the extension number for the agent [4] Note: You must enter at least 2 characters (ie. 02, 13, 567...)
  • "Save" your changes [5] (this extension number will then show up also in the number's Extensions field).


To enable extensions on a phone number:

  • Select the 'Admin' section in the top navigation [1].
  • Click the 'Numbers' tab [2].
  • Click the phone number [3] you wish to assign an extension number to.
  • Select the 'Extensions' tab [4].
  • Check the 'Yes' radio button next to 'Enable Extensions' [5].


  • "Save" your changes [6].

You should then give your customers the option to dial the agent's extension before they are connected to the IVR or a group of agents. The best way to do it is to define the Welcome Greeting or the IVR Welcome message as "Welcome to XXX (Company's name). If you know the agent's extension please dial it now". Then allow a couple of seconds so callers can enter their desired extension. 

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