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Adding notes to a call



Adding a note to a caller’s activity history is an easy way to keep your entire team informed about something important. Notes are also helpful when transferring calls, as the next agent will have relevant information on the caller before answering the phone.

To add a note while the caller is on the phone:

  • Click the 'Create A Note' button [1]
  • A new window will appear allowing you to enter notes for the caller. As soon as you hit the 'Create A Note' button [2] on this window, the note will be added to the 'Activity' tab list [3] in the contact’s profile.

To view or edit a note:

  • Open the caller's profile.
  • Select the 'Activity' tab.
  • View the details in the note by clicking on the “+” icon [4] next to the note.
  • Edit a note by clicking on the 'Pencil' icon [5] next to the note.
  • A window will appear allowing you to edit a note. Click the 'Save Note' [6] button once you're done!

Depending on the integrations you have connected with your Talkdesk account, you can also add interactions (notes, cases, tickets) on external systems directly from the Talkdesk interface.

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