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Associating a call with a contact


When you are speaking with a person who is already on the contacts’ database, but is calling from a different phone number, you can associate this call with any contact in the account that is already in Talkdesk.


Using the feature in the Main Talkdesk Web Application

While on the phone, simply do the following: Merging_a_call_1.gif

  1. Search for the contact that you would like to associate the call with (you can do it from the Contacts section) [1].
  2. Open this contact [2].
  3. Click the Merge in-progress call button [3].

Talkdesk will automatically associate the call that is in progress with the contact you selected.


Using the feature in Callbar App

When you associate a call with another contact, in Callbar App, the system will automatically update the call details in the existing contact, such as:

  • Type of interaction (inbound, outbound, missed call, voicemail, and so on).
  • Name of the agent that answered the call.
  • Phone number used by the agent.
  • Ring group(s) associated with the call.
  • Call date.


To associate the call with a contact, you will have to follow these steps:


1. Click on the drop-down arrow [1], on the right side.


2. The contacts [2] that are already associated with the caller’s number will show up automatically in Callbar. You can link the call to one of those records by selecting it.


3. If you do not want to associate the call to any of these contacts, click on the “x” to start searching for contacts in the account [3].

Note: To undo this action, close and open the dropdown.


4. On the bar [4], you can search for any contact in the account and associate the call with it. Click on the selected contact to finish the association process.

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