Managing Contact Tags (Legacy)

Note: With Talkdesk Agent Workspace generally available, we announced — on February 21, 2022 —  the End of Life to our legacy Agent products — Main Dialer, Talkdesk Callbar, and associated Agent tabs in Main — which includes the feature(s) described below in this article. You may continue to use the legacy agent products until the EoL date. However, upon the End of Support date, Talkdesk will no longer provide fixes or enhancements to the products, so you should upgrade to Talkdesk Agent Workspace. 

Access the full Announcement here.

Access Talkdesk Agent Workspace documentation here.


Talkdesk allows you to label contacts and associate tags with them. A tag is a label that is applied to the contact for identification purposes. For example, you could apply a tag called “vip” to your best customers or tag a list of contacts associated with a marketing campaign. This can be useful for viewing and compiling lists of all partners, leads, qualified leads, and unresponsive contacts, among others.


Adding a Tag to a Contact

To do this, simply open the contact profile and type the tag into the box labeled Add tag [1]:

Once you hit "Enter", the new tag will be added to the contact [2].



Removing a Tag From the Contact

To remove a tag, open the contact and click the “X” in the tag box.

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