Contacts Tab (Legacy)


IMPORTANT: On February 21, 2022, we announced the End of Life of the Main Dialer (sometimes also referred to as “Keypad”). 

Conversations is replacing the Main Dialer. The Main Dialer features previously described in this article are now available in Conversations.

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In the Contacts section [1] you can create new contacts, as well as search, edit and delete existing contacts.

By default, contacts are ordered alphabetically by name (the name is replaced by the phone number in case it does not exist).

Only 25 contacts are displayed at a time, but if you click the arrows at the bottom of the page, you can navigate through all contact pages. 


To learn how to create contacts from Callbar, please read the article Contact Creation in Callbar.

Search Contacts

You can filter your contacts by Tags [2] or filter and search by the contact’s first or last name (“Name”) [3], the contact’s email address (“Email”), the company the contact works for (“Company”) or the number the contact used when calling your company (“Phone”).

Simply choose how you would like to sort the contact list from the drop-down menu, type in the information you are looking for and press “Search” [4]: results will be displayed as per your selection. 

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