"This call has already been answered by another agent. Goodbye."

This is a message letting agents know the call they are trying to pick up has already been answered. 

Talkdesk allows you to ring multiple agents for a call. When an agent answers, Talkdesk emits an event to stop ringing the other agents. This happens almost instantaneously, but agents who attempt to answer this call before they receive the end ringing event hear this message. 

This is benign behavior, however, administrators can avoid it by going into Admin > Preferences and setting the number of agents that ring at the same time to 1, which is recommended

See “Number of Agents to Ring” in the “Routing Settings” article for more information on how to change this setting. 

Note: If an agent rejects a call, Talkdesk will keep ringing the other eligible agents following this setting.

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