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Logging Dispositions



Whether you are using Callbar or the Keypad, after a call is finished, you will see a pop-up window allowing you to select a call summary from a predefined drop-down menu list. For example, you may be able to select from “Left voicemail”, “Wrong number”, “Follow up immediately”, “Disconnected number”, "Potential sale", etc.


Note: In order to use this feature, Dispositions need to be configured beforehand and the Call Disposition Dialog needs to be enabled for your role and call direction.



Logging a Disposition in Callbar

Select a disposition from the list [1]:



You can also add a note to the call [2]:



Press Log [3] and this information will be displayed on the “Activity” tab of the contact’s profile.


Logging a Disposition in the Main Web Application

Logging a disposition in the main web application is very similar to logging a disposition in Callbar.


Select a disposition from the list [1]:


You can also add a note to the call [2]:


Press Log [3].

Dispositions are a simple, yet powerful tool that keeps the entire team on the same page and allows for a quick overview of previous conversations when on the phone with a customer.

It also allows managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of metrics that are most meaningful to them.

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    Jonathan Stewart

    This page does not provide steps required to activate or control dispositions.

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    Sara Costa
    Hi @jonathan, article is now updated to link to these instructions: Thanks for the heads up!
  • Avatar
    Jonathan Stewart

    The call bar image in this article does not match the tool that we are currently using and may need to be updated. I was specifically looking for information in this article around the requirement to select a contact to complete a disposition and there is no mention here.

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    Sara Costa

    Hi @jonathan! When a call is made or received using Callbar, if the number already exists in your list of contacts in Talkdesk or one of your account's synced integrations, clicking the contact's name or phone number displays a drop-down menu with the list of all available contacts associated with that number. You can also create a new contact when it does not yet exist. The screenshots in this article exemplify the latter situation. You can learn more about Contact creation in Callbar here: If this still does not answer your question, can you please contact our support team ( so we can better assist you?

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