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Deleting a contact


To delete a contact from Talkdesk, you will need to start by locating it in your "Contacts" section.

You can search for contacts (and sort contact lists) by the contact’s first or last name (“Name”), the contact’s email (“Email”), the company the contact works for (“Company”) or the phone number the contact dialed when calling your company (“Number”).

Open the contact by clicking either the name or phone number. Then, click the “Settings” button [1] and select “Delete Contact” [2]:


Note: Deleting a contact will only delete the contact’s profile information. All calls and data related to that contact will still remain accessible on your Calls list and the contact's history.

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  • Avatar
    Damian Thompson

    Can we delete multiple contacts?

  • Avatar
    Tracey Pomare

    yes...please advise how to delete multiple contacts.

  • Avatar
    Jethro Belman

    Hey guys, currently deleting in bulk is not available at this time but we can do this for you, if you e-mail we can help you :)

  • Avatar

    So it looks like deleting in bulk still isn't an option. This seems like pretty basic functionality, why is it taking you so long?

    Secondly, I can't even delete my contacts one by one. I sent in a video showing the bug a month ago and they said it's a known issue. I just logged in and I still can't delete contacts. Can someone please fix this?

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