Logging in to Talkdesk

The login to Talkdesk requires you to input the Account name. This Account name was provided on the welcome email from Talkdesk with the subject "Invitation Instructions".

The Account name can also be identified by looking at the address bar in the browser: it’s the name appearing before “talkdeskid.com/login” and “.mytalkdesk.com”.

For example: in the address mycompany123.mytalkdesk.com, the Account name is “mycompany123”.

After confirming the Account name, you will be asked to insert your email and password in order to log in.

Account names can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and ‘-’ (hyphens).

  • If an admin configured Talkdesk CX Cloud as the default login experience, Talkdesk CX Cloud will open (steps on setting the login experience to CX Cloud).
  • If an admin did not configure Talkdesk CX Cloud as the default login experience, but you wish to log in via CX Cloud, please access the correct link for your location replacing [account-name] with your account name:
    • United States: [account-name].mytalkdesk.com/atlas/
    • Europe: [account-name].mytalkdesk.eu/atlas/
    • Canada: [account-name].mytalkdeskca.com/atlas/
  • If you're logging in via Talkdesk Classic (Main), please access the following link replacing [account-name] with your account name:
    • [account-name].talkdeskid.com/login
  • If Single sign-on (SSO) is enabled, you can follow the guidelines in the article Talkdesk Single Sign-on.
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