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Outbound Call Metrics



To analyze your outbound call metrics:

  • Start by clicking the "Reporting" section [1].
  • Select the "Outbound" tab [2].
  • Choose the desired time interval for your analysis by clicking on the calendar icon in the top-right corner [3].


Calls Filters: Ring Groups and Phone Numbers

By default the Outbound call metrics tab displays all calls received by your company, but it might be useful for you to only see calls received on specific phone numbers or ring groups. To do this, simply select from the drop down menus next to "Filter by Ring Group" and/or "Filter by Phone Number" [4] to narrow your selection.

Evolution Graph

You can select the time interval by minute, hour, day, week or month [5] to see the details in the chart for the number of calls in different types.


  • Total calls [6]: total number of outbound calls processed by the call center
  • Answered calls [7]: number of outbound calls that were answered by customers.
  • Missed calls [8]: number of outbound calls that didn't reach any customer. An outbound missed call is any call where the agent hangs up before the call is connected (i.e. it's still ringing when they hang up). Reaching a voicemail or the contact will both change the value to outbound.
  • Voicemail while transferring [9]: number of voicemails left during an outbound transfer to queue. 
  • Abandoned while holding [10]: number of outbound calls where the customer hung up after being placed on hold by an agent.
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