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When you log in to your Talkdesk account, in the browser, the first thing you see is the 'Calls' section [1]:

Note: This section was previously called 'Call History'.




The Calls section allows you to see a list of all the people who have contacted your company in chronological order. It can be filtered by ring group and/or agent.

Once you finish a call, Talkdesk automatically adds the call details (including the recording, if this option is enabled for your account) to the respective contact’s activity tab and Calls section.

Calls being made and received by your team members are also automatically updated here, so you can have a sense of the activity taking place at any given time.

  • The icon on the left [2] indicates whether the call was made (arrow pointing up) or received (arrow pointing down) by your company, and the color of the arrow indicates whether it was an outbound (green), inbound (blue) or a missed call (red). Voicemails and abandoned calls will only be displayed in the 'Calls' tab of the 'Reporting' section.
  • The "Contact" column [3] shows the name of the person who contacted you or who you called (or their phone number, in case it's a new contact).

  • The “Agent” column [4] shows who the caller spoke to from your company.
  • The “Via” column [5] shows what number the caller dialed (if the call was received) or what number the agent was using to contact the caller (if the call was placed).
  • The “When” column [6] indicates when the call was placed or received.
  • The “Duration” column [7] indicates how long the call lasted.
  • You can listen to the recording of the call by pressing the “play” button [8].
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