Product Notice: Recommendation to Postpone Sonoma 14.x MacOS Upgrade

UPDATE: We’re happy to announce a new version of Conversations App that successfully addresses the systemic problem identified with MacOS Sonoma 14. This resolution is automatically accessible when users refresh their browsers or launch the desktop version of Conversations App.

For legacy Callbar users, we advise against upgrading to Sonoma 14 as this particular issue remains unresolved. We strongly encourage these users to make the transition to the Conversations App for a seamless experience.

For further details on supported operating environments and versions, please consult our Supported Operating Environments article.



Upgrading to the Sonoma 14.x MacOS may cause performance issues. This has been identified as a systemic issue with Sonoma 14 as there have been reports impacting non-Talkdesk apps as well. We ask our customers to postpone any OS upgrade plans until these issues are resolved. Please refer to the Supported Operating Environments article for updates on when this version will be supported.

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