Confirming that the New Network Requirements are Correctly Configured

Originally Published September 15, 2023


  • Updated Upgrade Schedule: On January 23, 2024 Talkdesk will be migrating 100% of voice traffic using new media IPs and port ranges for all calls in all regions to and expanding the UDP port range to 10000-60000. Old IP and port ranges will no longer accept or send voice traffic after this date. Before this migration date, we will perform two days of testing with limited traffic. For additional information, please refer to the FAQ.


Talkdesk is upgrading its Global Communications Network to increase Talkdesk Voice reliability, quality of service, and overall resilience with a new global IP range and an expanded UDP port range.

To ensure that these changes will not affect your service, we highly recommend using the Talkdesk Network Test Tool to assess your connectivity access with the new IP and port ranges.

Please access the tool from a computer typically used for Talkdesk applications and ensure it is connected to your standard operational network.


  • Fill in your work email on the text form. 
  • Hit Start and let the test run, allowing permission for the microphone to be used when asked, and then, wait for the test to be completed.

A test typically takes 2-3 minutes to run, so the results are an averaged snapshot of a particular range of time.

The validation of the new IP address and port range is considered successful if the "Call Quality" test displays any call metrics, as illustrated in the image below.

call quality data after test.png

NOTE: Please note that if you have call metrics results with some associated errors, you may disregard those errors solely for the purpose of validating the new IPs and port ranges.


If the validation is not successful, the "Call Quality" test will not display any call metrics, as shown in the image below. We kindly request you to review your network configuration and subsequently rerun the test by clicking . For further details, please consult the Mandatory Network Configuration Changes for Talkdesk Voice Users FAQ.

connection interrupted.png

After running this test, we kindly request you to Confirm your status so we can best service your needs.

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