Product Notice: Talkdesk Screen Recording Storage - Billing Update [Effective Starting August, 2023]

Beginning in August 2023, Talkdesk will start to bill customers monthly for Screen Recording storage usage, in accordance with their Talkdesk contract terms at the rate stated in their contract.  


When will the change happen?

Screen Recording storage billing will start in August 2023, based on total GBs of screen recordings stored up until the month of July 2023.


What will change?

The Screen Recording user license is included in Talkdesk Elevate, Elite, and Experience Cloud license editions. This change will impact customers who are using Talkdesk Screen Recording capabilities, and the Talkdesk-provided Screen Recording storage. Talkdesk does not charge a fixed subscription fee or a usage-based storage fee for call recordings or voicemails. 

A cost report will be available beginning in July 2023, providing information about the monthly screen recording storage usage for your account. This report will provide insight into what to expect on your upcoming invoice, based on the accumulated storage.

Customers will be billed for the day with the highest total GBs of recording storage between the 28th and the 27th of the previous month. More information can be found in the Talkdesk Knowledge Base article on the Usage Tab.


Why are we making this change?

This change is aligned with our existing pricing policy for Screen Recording storage. 


How can I reduce my storage costs?

To reduce monthly screen recording storage usage going forward, the retention settings can be changed to decrease the amount of time recordings are stored. Find more information about retention settings here.  

Customers also have the option of using their own custom storage (AWS or Azure) to store new recordings going forward. More information about Custom Storage can be found here. 

You may request assistance from Talkdesk Support to have historical recordings moved to another custom storage location. Please note, however, that existing recordings must remain in the current storage in order to play back the files through the Talkdesk user interface.


Action Required

No action is required, unless you wish to change the retention setting for Screen Recordings, start using your own storage, or request that your recording files be downloaded & moved to another location.





Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about this notice or next steps.  Thank you for your business!

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