Product Notice: Updates to Talkdesk Home [Effective May 30, 2023]

Talkdesk Home™ is a customizable landing page for supervisors and admins that stores and shows the most important tasks and activities with real-time status updates and historical data, including information about user status, queued contacts, service level, logged-in users, QM evaluation results, and CSAT numbers.

We have some exciting updates and improvements coming to Home, which is why we’re alerting you to some temporary changes that we’ll be making in the interim while our development teams are hard at work.

What will change?

On May 30, 2023, the following Home cards will become 'quick links':

  • Logged-in Users
  • Sentiment Monitor
  • Evaluation Results
  • CSAT Results

When clicked on, you will be taken out of Talkdesk Home and to the application in Talkdesk Workspace where the source information is available.


Why is this change being made?

Our development teams are hard at work creating a redesigned Talkdesk Home experience, and these temporary changes will allow them to build new capabilities and deliver even more value to our admins and supervisors. More details to come!


What is the impact of this change?

The data that is currently displayed in these four Home cards will no longer be pushed to these cards and can be found in the corresponding application instead. The user interaction with the four new quick links will be as follows:

Quick link 

Redirects to (application)

Source data available on

Logged-in Users

Talkdesk Live

"Count of Agents Logged In" widget in Talkdesk Live (KB Article)

Sentiment Monitor

Talkdesk Interaction Analytics

"Dashboards" tab in Talkdesk Interaction Analytics (KB Article)

Evaluation Results

Talkdesk Quality Management

"QM Evaluation Analysis" report in Talkdesk Explore (Data Dictionary Article)

CSAT Results

Talkdesk Feedback

"Feedback Flow" report in Talkdesk Explore (Data Dictionary Article)


What happens if I don’t have one of the applications listed above?

Similar to the experience today, those quick links will redirect you to that application’s page on the Talkdesk website where you can explore the available resources. If you're interested in exploring any of these applications further, please reach out to your Talkdesk Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.


What action is required?

No action is required.



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