Automation Designer: "Media" Digital Component

The “Media” component creates a visual experience in your automation by enabling the use of media content in your web chat.

With this component, you can add images, videos, audio messages, and files to your web chat to help summarize information, as the example shows:

To add a “Media” component to your flow, please follow the steps below: 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 16.26.34.png

1. Click on a Autopilot model and select Automation designer [1].

2. You will be taken to the Automation Designer” tab inside the Builder app”, where the flow configuration will occur.

3. Under “Digital components”, select the Media component [2] and then drag it to a canvas on your right side [3].

4. Double-click the component. Then, the component settings panel [4] will appear.

5. Enter the required details of the component:

  • Component name [5]: The name of the component. 
  • Media type [6]: Select the type of media that you will be adding to the web chat.  
  • URL [7]: Enter the URL of the media file you will be adding to the web chat. 

6. Click Save [8].

After the component is created, you can connect it with another component. Keep in mind that if the component is not directly or indirectly connected to a “Flow Trigger” component, it will be ignored when the flow is executed.

When finished configuring the component and the flow, you can use the Simulator to have a preview of how the interaction will be carried out in your web chat.

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