Why, in some calls, the selected Outbound Caller ID is not displayed to the callee?

The Outbound Caller ID is a feature that allows the person you're calling (the callee) to see your name and number. The caller ID has two parts:

  • Outbound Caller ID number: The phone number attached to the Caller.
  • Outbound Caller ID name: The name displayed in text with the Caller ID number. This can be done using CNAM, in the US.

The Outbound Caller ID number preservation cannot be guaranteed to all destinations. This is always dependent on local regulations and interconnect agreements between carriers. While some countries enforce Caller ID mutation to ensure call delivery, in other countries, it is usual to append or prepend additional digits to the Caller ID string for specific purposes.

Several destinations do not allow a local number to be used as an Outbound Caller ID for calls placed outside the country. Others, prohibit using local Caller ID for calls placed inside the country. Local, in-country Caller ID in the US and Europe has a higher chance of being preserved than calls to other destinations.

Talkdesk is continuously working to establish new partnerships with Local Carriers in order to strengthen its network. 

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