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Custom Error Message


Talkdesk uses cloud telecom providers to enable browser-based communications.

We work with the most resilient telecom operators, with redundant data centers geographically spread, and a self-healing distributed infrastructure.

Given that complete availability is one of the most important characteristics of Talkdesk, we have developed a Business Continuity Planning for the highly unlikely event that our primary infrastructure begins to experience issues.

As we also understand that downtime may eventually occur, during any major service disruption (i.e., “outage”) where Talkdesk phone numbers become unreachable, an “error” message is played to callers who dial in during this period to inform them that we are currently experiencing issues.

The default text-to-speech message played to callers is the following:

We are currently not able to connect your call. Please try again momentarily.

 As an admin or supervisor, you are able to customize this message in order to add a more personal touch and/or give customers alternative ways to contact you.

For example, you could direct callers to your support website or mention your support email e.g. “We are currently experiencing difficulties with our phone system. Please go to to reach us by chat and search our knowledge base, or send an email to We hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Note: The custom error message will only be played during times of major outages/downtime and not during brief lapses in service.


Customizing your Error Message


  • Log into your Talkdesk as an Administrator.
  • Select Admin [1].
  • Select the Preferences tab [2].
  • Scroll down to "Custom Error Message" and switch this toggle to the right: ON position [3].
  • Type in the message you wish to have converted to audio via text-to-speech and played to your callers during downtime [4].
  • Click Save [5]. The message will now only play during periods of downtime.
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