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Talkdesk AppConnect: Installing Textline


Textline is available for install! Here's a little information about Textline:

Make your organization more efficient and keep your customers satisfied with business texting. Get a textable phone number for your organization so you can text your customers and let them text your team. (Available in the USA and Canada) 

For more information, please see their AppConnect listing.



Users with permission to install apps can click "Install" from the AppConnect listing page. This will launch an installation wizard within Talkdesk. Please note that apps are installed for the account. 

All users with the default Admin role have the ability to install apps. We recommend installing the app for all Admins so they can also launch and manage the app. Otherwise, you may want to create a separate "AppConnect Admin" role if you want to restrict this capability. 

During the installation flow, select which users you would like to be able to access the Textline app. 

Since Textline provides video conferencing features for interaction with customers and members of your team, we recommend installing it for all account users:



Data Access:

When you install Textline, it will grant Textline access to user information and account details. It also provides single sign-on for a seamless integration with Textline. 



After activation of your trial account, Textline will ask you to set-up your audio and video settings. For more information about Textline, please visit their website.


Application Access:

By default, any user with the default Admin or Supervisor role will be able to launch the Textline app once it is installed for those users.

For users with an Agent or custom role, please ensure that the AppConnect Applications permission is enabled from Admin > Roles so that the My Apps dropdown is visible to launch apps:




To uninstall Textline for specific users, hover over the app in the My Apps dropdown to surface the settings management icon:



From there, simply click Users and deselect the users whose access you want to revoke:


To uninstall Textline for the entire account, click the 'Uninstall app' icon at the bottom left. 

Note: The application will be uninstalled for all users and any data or configuration will be deleted. This action cannot be undone!



All applications come with a free 30-day trial.

Should you choose to purchase, it will continue month-to-month without any contract. App purchases will show up as an additional line item on your Talkdesk invoice.

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