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Logging in to Talkdesk Callbar


Following the release of our Unified Login System to make the authentication system safer and faster in Talkdesk main web application, we are happy to announce that, since the start of 2018 we have started releasing the same system also for Callbar Chrome App and Callbar App.  

This means that, once you log in to Talkdesk Unified Login you will be able to access all Talkdesk applications (including AppConnect apps, Talkdesk main, Callbar Chrome App, and Callbar App) as well as your default integration (eg. Salesforce, Zendesk, Desk), while also being able to continue using your preferred SSO provider.


Note: You must upgrade Callbar to the latest version, as our Unified Login system is not available for versions below 1.8. To check your current version, click the menu on the top left corner of Callbar:


Callbar automatically checks every 15 minutes for updates. If a new update exists, it will display a message with an 'Update now' button that you can click to update Callbar:


Once you have upgraded to the latest version, follow the steps below to login to Callbar using Talkdesk Unified Login for the first time:


Step 1

  • Type in your domain name and press 'Next' (typically this is the name of your company. Account names can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and hyphens):


A browser authentication window should automatically pop open outside Callbar, where you will be requested to type in your email and password:


If you do not immediately see this page, click the Callbar browser link where it says: “Please input your credentials into the browser”.

Note: Please make sure that Google Chrome is set as default browser.


Step 2

Type in your Talkdesk credentials and press the ‘Login’ button, or use your SSO credentials and press the ‘Login with (Salesforce, Okta, Google account or OneLogin credentials, depending on your account settings)’ button instead.  

If you have forgotten your password, simply press the ‘Forgot password?’ link. 

A browser page will be displayed where you can type in your email address and press the 'Request password reset' button.

Once the credentials entered are valid, you'll be automatically logged in to Callbar:


That's it! You can now start making and receiving calls using Talkdesk Callbar and access your default integration or Talkdesk main web application at any time without being requested to login again.

Note: For security reasons, the authentication token is renewed and you will be requested to login again after 24 hours.

Also, please note that if you are going to be logged in to the Talkdesk main web application and Callbar at the same time, you should make sure to configure widget mode. This will ensure that calls only go through Callbar and don't ring in both places simultaneously.


If you encounter any problem logging in, make sure to follow the instructions in our "Failed to Login" article.

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