Relating a call in Callbar App to a Case or Opportunity in Salesforce

You can make sure your agents log activities to the right Salesforce Case or Opportunity, by allowing them to relate a specific call to a Case or Opportunity directly from Callbar App.


Enabling the feature in Salesforce

By default, the Relate to Opportunity or Case feature is disabled in Salesforce.

To enable the feature for your account, you must be a Salesforce Administrator with admin permissions in Talkdesk.

Please follow these steps to enable the feature in Salesforce:



  1. Select the Talkdesk Admin tab.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. In "Relate to Opportunity or Case" [1], choose if you want your agents to log a call to Cases Only, Opportunities Only, or both Cases and Opportunities.
  4. Here you can also disable the feature if it is enabled, by choosing Disabled.


  • After enabling the feature, please reach out to Talkdesk Support and ask them to activate the feature for your account. Only then will the changes you made will be effective.
  • Whether you are enabling or disabling the feature, in order for the change to take effect, all agents under the account need to log out and log back into Callbar.


Logging a Call

In Callbar, when the agent is finished with a call, there will now be a "Relate to" drop-down menu in the call disposition window, allowing the agent to choose where to log the activity:



Note: Make sure that dispositions are enabled for the agents.


The list is auto-populated with the case or opportunity that is in the agent's focus.

To choose a case or opportunity, the agent can simply select it from the drop-down list. There may be different options available for selection:

  • Open Cases related to the number that has called.
  • Closed Cases related to the number that has called.
  • Recent Cases or Opportunities that the agent has watched.

The agent can also decide not to relate a Talkdesk activity to a specific case or opportunity, by selecting None from the list. 

Agents need to make sure they are logged in to Salesforce, as not doing so will prevent the feature from working properly. In this situation, the "Relate to" dropdown menu will not display any tickets and the following error message will appear in Callbar: “Make sure Salesforce is connected and reopen the cases & opportunities dropdown”.



If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support

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