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Release Notes | December 6, 2017



  • New “Agent Active” Field for Agent Reports. Next Monday, December 11, our Agents, Agents Breakdown, Agents Status and user status API reports will start including a new “agent active” field providing supervisors and admins the option to filter their data by inactive or active agents. 


  • Business hours enhancements: support of split business hours. Admins and Supervisors can now set multiple business hour blocks for the same day. For example, lunch breaks and recurring team-wide meetings can now be considered outside of business hours and thus will not affect your team’s SLA.
  • New Secure flow for revealing agent’s SIP credentials: SIP credentials are no longer visible in the UI and can only be accessed by requesting a link to be sent via email. This email link has an expiration period of 10 minutes or one visit.
  • Visual improvements in the Historical Reporting tab.



  • Voicemail ring group scope is now taking into account numbers that have become dedicated lines.
  • Support button no longer overlapping UI text.
  • Historical Reporting tab not respecting Daylight Savings Time.


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