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AppConnect: Phase 2 Release


Note: This is an announcement originally published in 2017. There may have been updates to these features that were released after this publication.


We are glad to let you know that AppConnect is growing at a steady pace! 

Thank you for all the feedback you have shared which allowed us to continuously improve our marketplace!


That said, today, August 31st, Talkdesk is introducing new features that positively impact the way your organization uses AppConnect. Please take a look at the list below for a quick summary and let us know if you have any questions. Please also review the updated AppConnect Knowledge Base pages for more detailed information:


  • Trial management: 

- The manage modal will now show how many days are left in a trial so you will always know how long you have to continue trying an app. Also, emails will be triggered to remind you that a trial is expiring in “X” number of days and will include information on how to upgrade the app plan.

- Older installation accounts that, on September 18th have been trialing for more than 30 days will see their subscription expire on this date.


  • Communication around the outcome of the install/manage process:

- Besides displaying UI notifications, we will now also send an email every time an install or update is made, letting admins know whether it was successful or not.  


  • Allowing retries of install/manage for specific error requests:

- In situations where the request to install has expired (install timeout error), you are now allowed to retry sending the request.

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