Voicemail Greetings on Callbar


  • The feature is available upon request only. Please contact Talkdesk Support or your Customer Success Manager if you wish to enable it.
  • Voicemail greetings are only available for agents with dedicated lines.
  • After a Voicemail greeting is recorded or uploaded through Callbar, Admins must not update the Agent’s Voicemail greetings message via Talkdesk Classic (Voicemail / Not Answered Message). The greeting message must always be updated via Callbar.


With the new Voicemail greetings feature, agents with dedicated lines will be able to record and set their own voicemail greetings from Callbar.



To use Voicemail greetings, click open the menu on the top left corner and select the Voicemail greetings option [1].


Recording a voicemail greeting

To record a voicemail greeting, click on Record [2].

It will immediately start recording, so make sure that you have the correct Audio Input in the settings.




Press the stop button [3] when you want to stop recording.




Listen to the recording by pressing the play button. You can also download it, so that you can reuse it later. Choose if you want to save the current recording as the voicemail greeting. Or, you can try again and re-record. [4]


If you press Save, the recording will automatically be set as your voicemail greeting. If you no longer want to use the greeting that you have added, you can simply delete it [5].





Uploading a voicemail greeting

Instead of recording a greeting, you can select Upload to add a file from your computer [2].

The file needs to be in MP3 or WAV format and have a size of up to 1 MB.

Note: You are only able to have one Voicemail greeting set at a time. So, if you record or upload a new file, you will overwrite the existing greeting.

You can also delete and download an uploaded file and repeat the process until you are happy.

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